Our ESG Foundation

Crew is committed to respecting the environment, the culture of those around us, and the communities in which we operate.

Promoting collaboration and innovation to create a sustainable and prosperous future, Crew’s Ingenuity, Teamwork, and a Commitment to Excellence comprise the foundation that supports our core values and principles.

Together, these values empower us to strive to achieve our best while progressively improving our operations and supporting our people.

At Crew, we have an ‘energy’ – in the products we produce and in our people – that has the power to create a better tomorrow.

“A conversation about ESG is a conversation about our values.”

– Karen A. Nielsen, Lead Independent Director

Our Values

At the heart of our Company is the word ‘crew’, a group of people working together to achieve a common goal.

Crew’s long-term sustainability centers around enhancing our business to generate positive returns for shareholders while respecting and honouring our core principles of ESG. With a diverse group, a nimble approach, and out-of-the-box thinking, individuals across the entire Company continue to drive positive change that maximizes efficiency and improves operations.

Often, our ESG initiatives lead to operational cost savings and drive profitability, demonstrating a direct and positive link between improved ESG performance and financial sustainability.

This mindset has helped Crew craft strategies, targets, and goals with a clear vision that fully aligns the whole team towards a common goal.


Our Entrepreneurial Drive & Ingenuity

Embracing innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box.


Our People, Our Crew and Our Relationships

Creating meaningful and authentic relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Ensuring the health, safety, well-being, and engagement of our people.


Ethical Governance

Adhering to the highest standard of excellence that drives shareholder value.

Our Strategic Approach


Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to think outside the box and pursue innovative ideas that challenge conventional thinking.

Crew’s team combines decades of proven oil and gas expertise with technological innovation and an agile approach to maximize efficiency and improve operations.


An integral part of Crew’s operations is a strong safety culture. Nothing is more important than protecting our ‘crew’ and ensuring the safety of our employees, contractors, and communities.

Crew recognizes that the energy driving our production and success comes from our people. Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our social responsibility includes ongoing training for our employees and contractors, comprehensive emergency preparedness plans, open communication channels that encourage feedback and collaboration, and a safety message that is consistently reinforced by our Leadership Team.

For us, our name ‘Crew’ has a deeper meaning; it represents our people, our family. We aim to ensure that Crew is a fun and rewarding place to work, learn, and grow.

Diversity at Crew means harnessing ideas and perspectives from people across our organization to drive positive change in our industry, workplace, and the communities we serve. We embrace a supportive and inclusive environment that values diverse skills, backgrounds, cultures, identities and thoughts.


When we set our mind to something, we achieve it.

Our sustainability journey is driven by an ambitious ESG strategy that guides our efforts to continuously improve, go against the grain of conventional thinking, and push the boundaries of what is possible. Throughout our business, we aim to demonstrate the highest level of environmental responsibility, social stewardship, and corporate governance standards.

At Crew, we have a culture that embraces the opportunities and challenges set before us to reduce our environmental footprint and proactively work together to mitigate climate risks as we move towards a lower-carbon future.

ESG Guiding Principles


Responsible resource development and meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements. A constant pursuit of excellence.

Protecting the environment is a principle we firmly stand behind. At Crew, we embrace innovative industry-leading technologies to reduce our environmental footprint while remaining focused on generating value for shareholders.

Our Commitments in Action
  • Despite our continuous increase in production, Crew has managed to successfully reduce our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emission intensities. In 2022, Crew’s BC Operations emission intensity decreased by 24%* as compared to 2021.
  • On September 1, 2021, Crew commissioned a waste heat recovery system at our West Septimus facility. As a result, we’ve reduced emissions at this facility by over 9,200 tCO2e and increased condensate stabilization capacity by 20% to over 5,000 bbls per day.
  • We significantly increased our utilization of produced water at two of our exploratory areas. In 2021, we exclusively relied on freshwater, whereas in 2022, we successfully incorporated 23% of produced water at Groundbirch and 14% at North Septimus.
  • We maintained the utilization of Primus technology, a spoolable temporary surface pipeline, to safely and reliably transfer over 60,000 m3 of produced water in 2022. To date, Primus technology has:
    • Transferred over 533,000 m3 of produced water without a reportable spill
    • Eliminated over 1,575 tCO2e
    • Saved over 380,000 km and 47,000 heavy haul vehicle trips
  • We achieved the lowest number of spills within our operations over the past six years.
  • Crew invested $13.1M in abandonment and restoration activities in 2022, which supported the successful abandonment of 33 wells and reclamation activities conducted on 21 sites.

* To accurately represent our emission profile in 2022, we opted to utilize our 2021 B.C. emissions as a baseline, highlighting the progress made throughout the year while excluding the impact of our heavy oil asset divestments.


We empower our people and take steps to make socially responsible decisions that benefit our employees, stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate.

Crew recognizes that the energy driving our production and success comes from our people. Our people, and their safety is Crew’s highest priority.

Our Commitments in Action
  • We are proud of Crew’s safety record, which features 1765+ days with no lost-time injuries for contractors and employees.
  • We continue to embrace a supportive and inclusive environment that values diverse skills, backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. In 2022, 33% of our overall workforce is comprised of women.
  • Crew recognizes the value of supporting future generations and has provided training and mentorship for 29 university students over the last six years.
  • Crew maintains a high level of employee retention, with 81% of our people working at Crew for five or more years and 38% working here for 10 or more years.
  • Crew is thankful to have valued relationships with surrounding Indigenous communities that encourage mutual respect while promoting sustainability upon the lands. We have benefited from the utilization of Indigenous-owned or aligned businesses such as drilling rig services, camp services, logging activities, lease building, water management services, and first aid medic services.
  • Crew is committed to community engagement and support, fueling our passion to make a positive impact. Since 2017, we have donated over $785,000 to charities, local community groups, and initiatives.


Providing strong and effective governance is critical to protecting our people, stakeholders, and Crew’s assets while delivering robust returns.

Crew believes strong corporate governance, transparency, and integrity set the foundation for ethical and effective decisions while contributing to the alignment between our Board of Directors (“Board”), management, and stakeholders.

Our Commitments in Action
  • Our Management Team provides quarterly updates to our GEHS&S Committee, sharing comprehensive information regarding our ESG performance, ongoing initiatives, encountered challenges, and notable achievements.
  • Crew’s employee led ESG Steering Committee provides valuable insights and expertise in driving our ESG strategy forward, monitoring ESG trends, seizing opportunities aligned with our sustainability goals, and supporting the progression of our targets.
  • Our Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and implementation of our ESG strategy by working closely with operations and internal teams to identify and implement sustainable solutions efficiently and effectively.
  • We continue to link compensation to our ESG performance, demonstrating our commitment to incentivizing and rewarding actions that align with our sustainability objectives.
  • In 2023, Crew undertook a comprehensive materiality assessment to identify, evaluate, refine, and prioritize material ESG topics that may have a significant impact on Crew’s operations. The outcome of this assessment guided our strategic focus and ESG disclosure and identified emerging trends and potential risks that may affect our business.
  • We incorporate both financial and environmental metrics to make informed decisions about the potential success of a project.
  • Crew is committed to diversity, with women comprising 40% of independent directors at the board level.
Enhancing Our Business

Enhancing our business to generate positive returns for stakeholders while respecting and honouring our ESG guiding principles.

We maintain ESG oversight and sustainability performance monitoring at the highest level through our GEHS&S Committee, composed of members from our Board of Directors. Underpinning Crew’s long-term strategy is our unwavering commitment to safe and responsible operations in our surrounding communities and a continued focus on progressing our ESG initiatives.

In August 2022, Crew achieved certification under Equitable Origin’s EO100™ Standard for Responsible Energy Development for our natural gas and natural gas liquids production within our Northeast British Columbia development area. By attaining this certification, we affirm our commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to upholding the highest environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance standards in the energy industry.

100% of our operated production is certified

“We are proud that Crew’s leading ESG practices have been recognized through the rigorous EO100™ Certification. We have strived to continuously reflect our values of integrity and ethical behavior across all aspects of our business. Achieving this independent EO100™ Certification demonstrates our success to date, and we have committed to continuously improving under the EO100 Standards for Responsible Energy Development. This sets the foundation to create value for shareholders in a responsible and sustainable way.”

– Dale Shwed, President and CEO of Crew

The importance of accurate real-time measurement to drive improvements

In 2019, Crew recognized gaps in how our environmental metrics were measured and tracked. Since that time, we have made significant strides to identify opportunities across our business to enhance measurement and reporting on material ESG metrics. Monitoring and tracking systems we continue to use to support these initiatives include:

“What is measured can be improved”

– James Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Crew

Internally developed tracking systems, along with Envirosoft, a 3rd party provider of web-based external emissions management software, enable more efficient and accurate tracking and forecasting of our GHG profile.

Digital Action Tracking System (“DATS”), an incident reporting system, tracks all incidents and documents root causes, preventative measures, and remediation steps.

Point, an online tracking system and water management dashboard provides daily real-time water tracking data.

Accurately measuring and tracking our performance enables us to make informed decisions across our operations and future developments. This enhances our ESG performance and contributes to the sustainable growth of our business.