Waste Heat Recovery

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Waste Heat Recovery

The installation of a waste heat recovery system at the West Septimus Gas Plant in September 2021 has continued to reduce GHG emission intensities. The installation included a new heat exchanger that utilizes waste heat from the compressor exhaust to reduce the fuel required to stabilize condensate. After operating for over a year, we have observed a reduction in GHG emissions at the plant, amounting to over 9,200 tCO2e.1

With this waste heat recovery system in operation, condensate stabilization capacity has increased by 20% to 5,000 bbl/d.

Building on the success of this system at West Septimus, Crew will install a waste heat recovery unit at our Septimus Plant in September 2023. This unit will effectively utilize waste heat generated during operations to provide heat for the stabilization process, as well as supply additional heat to Plant 2. As a result, our reliance on fuel will be reduced and we anticipate an elimination of 3,215 tCO2e/year emissions.

1 Crew gratefully acknowledges assistance from the Province of British Columbia’s CleanBC Industry Fund for their support of this project.
2 Source: EPA: The average North American car emits 4.6 tonnes of CO2 per year

9,200 tCO2e

eliminated since 2021 from recycling heat energy

~2000 cars

equivalent amount removed from this project2