Waste Heat Recovery

Reducing Emissions

with a Heat Exchanger

A waste heat recovery system was installed at the West Septimus gas plant in September 2021, resulting in improved GHG emission intensities. This involved the installation of a new heat exchanger to utilize waste heat from compressor exhaust, and uses that heat to reduce the fuel required to stabilize condensate. During the 122 days the system was in operation in 2021, emissions were reduced by 2,239 tCO2e. Annual emission reduction is estimated to be 6,699 tCO2e, equivalent to the removal of 1,390 cars off the road each year.

With this waste heat recovery system in operation, condensate stabilization capacity has increased by 20% to 5,000 bbl/d.

6,699 tCO2e/yr

decrease in emissions from recycling heat energy

>1,390 cars/yr

annual equivalent amount removed from this project