The Mullet Crew In Action

Crew Cares Volunteering Initiatives

The ‘Crew Cares’ initiative provides opportunities and support for employees to volunteer within the communities in which we live and work. 2022 saw a reboot of ‘Crew Cares’ after local COVID-19 restrictions began to ease, with a target of 120 volunteer hours over the year.

To kick it off, Crew selected Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (“BB4CK”) which is an organization that has developed a school lunch program for kids that may not have the luxury of eating lunch every day. On average, BB4CK feeds 4,000-5,000 kids from kindergarten to grade 12 every day across more than 200 schools in the city. In March, Crew had 10 volunteers working with the dedicated staff and volunteers of BB4CK to make lunches for the program.

June saw the “Crew” on a week-long blitz with The Mustard Seed working across various services offered in Calgary.  24 Crew employees worked across four daily shifts, making sandwiches in the hundreds, sorting clothing and goods donations at the warehouse or serving the Crew-sponsored lunch from the downtown shelter. We were honored to contribute to the great work done by the Mustard Seed in caring for individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty.

The Mullet Crew:

Fueling Crew’s Energy

Crew’s Social Committee, the Mullet Crew, keeps the Company’s fun, inclusive, and welcoming spirit alive throughout the year by organizing team-building and social activities.

Like the best part of a mullet, Crew’s social committee focuses on the “party”. The Mullet Crew brings together enthusiastic people from across Crew’s various teams to keep the spirit of “the Crew” alive by organizing team-building and social activities.

  • Holiday events such as Christmas door decorating and Halloween pumpkin carving contests have been sources of friendly competition.
  • Volunteering events such as Crew Cares, preparing healthy lunches for Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, along with serving lunches and sorting donations with the Mustard Seed.
  • Other fun events have included bridal and baby showers, milestone birthday parties, team lunches, ceramics painting, and weekly Friday breakfasts cooked by rotating teams of employees, all of which serve to make the Crew feel like a supportive and friendly environment.

From volunteering, fundraising, and holiday parties to golf and the newly minted curling tournaments, the Mullet Crew truly embodies the “work hard, play hard” ethos at every Crew event.

“Work Hard, Play Hard”

the Mullet Crew’s ethos.