Summer Ninja Mentorship Program

Our Story: Summer Ninja

Mentorship Program

Crew recognizes the value of supporting future generations through initiatives like back-to-school initiative and summer student employment opportunities for university students.

  • 29 university students employed over the last six years, including 2023

Each year, we assign dedicated staff members to our summer students, also known as our Summer Ninjas, to mentor and advance their skill sets in a dynamic work environment. In return, these Ninjas deliver value-added results while contributing to Crew’s culture with enthusiasm and a contagious, positive spirit to the office. Simultaneously, this program allows our staff to showcase their expertise and grow their leadership skills by mentoring young professionals. Questions, creativity, and participation in work and social initiatives are strongly encouraged.

Along with the day-to-day tasks of working for Crew, our Ninjas are encouraged to participate in an initiative with the Canada Action organization called Students for Canada1.

  • Canada Action is an industry advocacy group dedicated to promoting the benefits of Canadian Energy as the cleanest, most ethical, and environmentally responsible in the world.
  • Students for Canada, which changed names to Young Canadians for Resources in 2023, is a subsidiary of Canada Action, and an initiative championed by Crew to involve and educate the younger generation on the benefits of all types of Canadian Energy and natural resources. It provides us with an opportunity to tell our story and counter the misinformation through student-led research and education.
  • Interested students are encouraged to initiate, develop, and present projects with other participants to facilitate student advocacy on their campus and beyond.

In 2022, four of Crew’s Ninjas participated in Canada Action’s Students for Canada competition for the best outreach idea to promote Canada’s Oil and Gas industry. The Ninjas competed against four other teams in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ type pitch to a panel of industry executives with a QR marketing campaign. The QR code takes the user to a website that lays out an informative discussion on the “Interdependency of Oil and Gas Renewable Energy”.

Our fifth ninja gained valuable completions and drilling field experience at our 4-17 and 11-27 sites.

1 Canada Action’s Students for Canada was renamed Young Canadians for Resources in 2023.

29 university students

employed over the last six years, including 2023

Young Canadians for Resources

initiative with Canada Action