Spoolable Surface Pipeline

Our Story:

Spoolable Temporary Surface

Pipeline to Transfer Produced Water

The efficiencies and environmental benefits of employing Primus, a temporary spoolable pipeline, have been proven repeatedly for Crew. As the first Canadian energy producer to receive regulatory approval to install and operate a spoolable temporary surface pipeline for produced water transfer, we have shown that this technology provides the safe and environmentally responsible transfer of produced water.

Previously, Crew transferred produced water via heavy haul trucks or temporary above-ground high-density polyethylene pipelines. As a portable, temporary, safe, and economically viable alternative for transferring produced water, the Primus solution provides a method to transfer water that has much less impact on the environment.


In 2022, Crew transferred 60,095 m3 of produced water via Primus, resulting in 4,006 heavy haul truck trips saved and approximately 22,033 km of road travel eliminated. This technology reduces truck traffic, which correspondingly improves road safety and reduces emissions, road maintenance, and operational costs. As a temporary solution, Primus technology eliminates the need for significant capital investment in building pipeline infrastructure and minimizes disturbances to the surrounding land. By opting for Primus instead of in-ground water lines, we estimate a 10% reduction in right-of-way disturbance.

Other Highlights

  • Over the last three years, Crew has transferred over 533,000 m3 of produced water via Primus, corresponding to over 1,575 tCO2e eliminated
  • To date, Crew’s spoolable surface pipelines have reduced truck traffic by 9.5 times the circumference of the earth.


heavy haul truck trips saved

~22,033 km

of road travel eliminated

157 tCO2e

of emissions reduced