Spoolable Surface Pipeline

Spoolable Surface Pipeline

to Transfer Produced Water

Crew is the first Canadian energy producer to receive regulatory approval from the OGC to install and operate a next-generation, spoolable temporary surface pipeline for produced water transfer, confirming Crew’s commitment to improving efficiencies and reducing emissions. The pipeline allows for the safe and environmentally responsible transportation of produced water, dramatically reducing the trucking of water in Crew’s area of operations, significantly reducing emissions and enabling a reduction in fresh water use.


Prior to utilizing Primus technology, produced water was moved primarily by trucks or temporary above ground High Density Polyethylene (“HDPE”) pipelines. HDPE proved more time consuming due to the number of connections required. Primus is a portable, temporary, environmentally sound, and economically viable alternative for transferring produced water assets. After strict testing, Primus technology has been implemented successfully on two Crew completions.


Crew has moved approximately 282,000m3 of produced water via Primus Line to date, which has significantly reduced truck traffic, emissions, road maintenance, land disturbance, and both capital and operational costs. Through the use of Primus, 18,756 of heavy haul truck trips have been eliminated, 640 tCO2e emissions saved, and ~175,000km of road travel eliminated *.

Crew’s spoolable surface pipelines have reduced truck traffic by 4x the circumference of the globe.

* Results reflect the total benefits realized from using the spoolable technology on the 3-32 Pad until Q1 2021.


of road traffic saved


truck loads of fluid removed


trucks with two way traffic removed

~176,766 km

of truck traffic saved


tonnes of CO2 emissions saved

3-32 Pad Example

3-32 Pad featured the use of Crew’s spoolable temporary surface pipeline.

Another successful project where Crew featured the spoolable surface pipeline was for the transfer of 110,000 m3 of produced water to the 3-32 pad during completion of the 3-32 pad in Q1 2021.


  • Completion in 10.4 Days
  • 7,333 two-way truckloads were removed from the road, equivalent distance of 3 trips around the globe.
  • ~146,540km of truck traffic saved.
  • ~329 tCO2e eliminated.

BEFORE:  ~20km trucking route reflecting the 3-32 trucking operation plan

AFTER: ~10.3 km (combined total) temporary pipeline route showing 3-32 above ground pipeline operation plan

9-5 Pad Example

9-5 Pad: a spoolable temporary surface pipeline solution

Our 9-5 pad drilled and completed at Greater Septimus in late 2020 is one example where Crew featured this surface pipeline for the transportation of 120,000 m3 of produced water during fracturing and flowback operations.


  • Completion in 12.9 Days
  • Savings of approximately $600,000 in water transport costs
  • Over 8,092 two-way trucks from the road, saving approximately 20,230km of truck traffic
  • Over 219 tCO2e emissions reduced
  • Significantly reduces the risk of accidents on roads
  • Zero spills

Map showing the path of the spoolable surface pipeline