Renée’s Journey of Growth and Evolution

A Journey Twelve

Years in the Making

I arrived at Crew with the acquisition of Caltex Energy in 2011, starting in the Surface Land department and transitioning to the Engineering team in 2012.

Throughout the last 12 years, my managers have consistently acknowledged my passion for personal growth. Recognizing that I am happiest when learning, Crew has granted me the freedom to test my boundaries, explore various skill sets, and provide me with opportunities to thrive in areas where I excel.

As a company, we encourage a culture of collaboration, meeting each project and idea with encouragement and positivity. This supportive environment, coupled with the professional development I’ve been afforded at Crew, has empowered me to incorporate regulatory compliance, data analytics, and program administration into my role.

“My role is ever evolving – because I am ever-evolving – and Crew has been behind me every step of the way, cheering me on.”

– Renée Wells, Senior Engineering Technician, 12 years with Crew

12 years

Senior Engineering Technician