Remote Monitoring

SCADA Remote

Well Monitoring

In 2019, Crew began trialing remote monitoring on our heavy oil well sites. Over the course of 2020/2021 (YTD) Crew has installed SCADA remote well monitoring systems on 20 operating oil wells within our Saskatchewan Heavy Oil operations. This represents over 50% of the operating wells in the area.  Crew intends to have all Saskatchewan field operating wells operating with SCADA by the end of 2022. Additionally, all SCADA well monitoring instruments purchased to date are solar powered with battery backups.


Installation of remote instruments helps streamline site visits and reduce GHG emissions by decreasing the number of trips to remote locations required by field operators.

Streamline site visits & reduce GHG emissions

by reducing trips to remote locations.

20 operating heavy oil wells

had SCADA remote monitoring systems installed in 2020/21