Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies

and Optimized Completion and Development

Innovative Technologies and Optimized Completion and Development Activities = Reduced Fuel Consumption, Flaring and GHG Emissions.

Another area of focus for Crew has been on reducing emissions associated with completions and development. Some ways in which we are lowering emissions during these operations include:

  • Installing pipelines to development well pads in northeast BC prior to the commencement of completion activities whenever possible.
  • Diesel fuel is a contributor of GHG emissions generation. For the last several years Crew has been using its own produced natural gas combined with diesel supplied by installed pipelines, providing a cleaner burning fuel to displace diesel during completion operations.
  • In line testing during flow back operations at the end of each completion, enables large volumes of produced gas to be captured and sent to gas plants, instead of flared.
  • Staggering the introduction of multiple wells to manage produced gas flow back, and minimize flaring.

Utilizing multi-well pads in our heavy oil operations, coupled with extended reach open hole multi-lateral drilling and completions technology, has several advantages:

  • Allowing for extended reach multi-lateral sections, resulting in greater production, reduced surface footprint of operations, and corresponding emissions reductions, due to fewer wells needing to be drilled to access the same resource.
  • The multi-well pads also created an opportunity to consolidate GHG emissions recovery strategies such as data-miners, combustors, and gas and water gathering infrastructure.

Lowering Emissions

through the application of innovative technologies