Indigenous Engagement:

Maximizing Opportunities, Creating Synergies

In early 2017, Crew recognized an opportunity to purchase a large block of freehold lands in proximity to our core operations in West Septimus. With holding sub-surface mineral tenure rights below these lands, Crew is able to minimize the impact to surrounding stakeholders when planning its energy developments.

To maximize the utilization of the land, Crew and local Indigenous communities worked together and created synergies on the lands.

Community Cultural Camp

Crew engaged with a local First Nations community that requested to hold a summer Community Cultural Camp on the lands. This camp offered an opportunity for Elders and youth to connect and share their history, culture, knowledge, and traditions. With the land located adjacent to the Moberly River, participants were able to engage together in a remote area to foster relationships, enjoy cultural activities and reconnect with traditional ways.

Ranching Initiative

In 2021 Crew undertook an initiative with a local First Nations community to utilize a portion of the land base to increase their livestock grazing operation. This beneficial partnership created an opportunity for the lands to be managed and generated growth prospects for the community’s ranching initiatives. With greater than 2,500 acres of land, there is enough area to ensure livestock health and productivity while ensuring the sustainability of the lands. In addition, the same community will cultivate hay from offsetting lands to assist in feeding the livestock in winter months.

With the success of the 2021 ranching initiative, Crew has continued the relationship with the local First Nations community and expanded the area for grazing livestock and cultivation. The presence of livestock has increased to approximately 150 head of cattle and 50 head of bison

“It has been a pleasure working with Crew Energy over the past few years. We are pleased with the recent offer to allow us to utilize some of the Del Rio ranch to further our cattle ranching aspirations. Having access to the Del Rio land base to graze our cows will allow us to increase our herd much quicker than we could do with our limited land base. The offer to let us hay some of the Del Rio ranch will also allow us to feed a larger number of cows over the winter. Our cattle ranching operation provides revenue to help support our ranch and also helps to provide employment to several of our members who work for the ranch.


On another note, we appreciate the efforts you have made to utilize some of our joint venture partners in your development work over the years. Engaging with our partners brings monetary benefits to our community that we utilize to provide services to our members, including education, health and Elders programs. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead to increase our involvement in your operations.”


Councillor Clarence Willson
West Moberly First Nations

2021 initiative with local Indigenous community

to utilize a portion of the land base to increase their livestock grazing operation

Enhancing our approach to ingenuity

to minimize stakeholder impacts