Green Hands & Stop and Think Safety Initiatives

Our Story: Green Hands

& Stop and Think Safety Initiatives

After a series of incidents and near misses in the latter half of 2022, Crew held a Stand-down Safety Meeting with all contractors and employees, which helped our team develop short-term action plans and initiatives to improve our performance.

Our Green Hands initiative provides additional mentorship, coaching, and supervision to our young and less experienced contractors and employees. In this program, supervisors are assigned the responsibility of engaging with each new worker on site and completing a Stop and Think activity with a new worker daily. With the addition of a green hand sticker on our young or less experienced teammates’ hard hats, supervisors can easily identify those individuals who may benefit from more support and guidance.

We issued Stop and Think cards and stickers to each site, posting them throughout the medic shack and control room for additional visibility.


New and inexperienced workers, or are at a significantly higher risk for injury and occupational illness. By providing additional onsite supervision, guidance, and mentorship with no stigma, we are supporting the development of their skills and knowledge while inherently improving our safety performance.