Fugitive Emissions Management Program

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Fugitive Emissions Management Program

Crew maintains an active Fugitive Emissions Management Program to systematically identify, monitor, and address any fugitive emissions. Throughout the year we conduct tri-annual fugitive surveys to determine fugitive emissions that occur across our operational sites.

In 2022, our fugitive emissions experienced a rise due to the increased production of condensate at our Septimus Gas Plant. To address this, we are upgrading our plant infrastructure to improve condensate stabilization capabilities.

We remain committed to the detection and timely repair of leaks as we strive to reduce our fugitive emission levels. To further support our program, we are investigating the implementation of real-time continuous monitoring technology to detect and identify fugitive emissions.

1,094 tCO2e

of annualized GHG emissions were prevented as a direct result of the work undertaken in the third year of this program

~235 cars

equivalent amount removed from this initiative