Flare Volume Reductions

Flare Volume


Flaring gas volumes during post-completion well testing has historically been a large source of emissions during the well construction process. Crew has capitalized on this opportunity to reduce emissions by installing pipeline infrastructure to well pads prior to wells being completed. This allows for the gas volumes that are produced during well testing to be directed to the gas collection system and eventually being processed for commercial use, rather than simply flared on-site.


  • Since beginning this initiative in 2017, the average flared volume per well has dropped from 36 e3m3 in 2017 to 22 e3m3 per well in 2021*.
  • With a focus on continuous improvement, gas plant flaring intensity has also seen a significant reduction.  The flaring intensity has been reduced by 70% from 2015 to 2021.

* includes our exploratory wells which did not have pipeline access to flow test the wells “in-line”. If these wells are excluded, the average flared volume per well is 2.7 e3m3 (over 20 wells).

70% reduction

in gas plant flaring intensity from 2015-2021

22 e3m3 average flared volume per well in 2021

compared to 36 e3m3 in 2017.