Facilities Consolidation

Capturing Facility Efficiencies Through Consolidation

To reduce gas consumption and flare volumes, gas produced at an older facility was routed to a more efficient site that possessed cleaner technology and a superior process. Using our ingenuity and “out of the box thinking”, we analyzed the existing gas gathering and pipeline networks and re-directed gas volumes from an older facility to a newer compressor station at 10-34-82-20W6.


  • This change allowed the older facility to be shut-in, resulting in the elimination of flaring and emissions associated with two compressors that were in operation.
  • Further cost efficiencies have been realized through lower fuel gas consumption, with a net fuel gas savings of 350 mcf/d that is now available for sale, and a reduction of over 6,000 tCO2e/yr.


Savings in maintenance and operational costs.


Additional savings in overhaul costs that were due in 2020.