Brandy's Journey of Growth

A Journey Seventeen Years

in the Making

My journey at Crew has been 18 years in the making, but my career in the accounting field is just beginning.  

At the age of 24, I started working at Crew as an Accounting Clerk. I transitioned into the Joint Venture Accounting group and now work in the Operations Accounting department for the last 13 years.

Throughout my time at Crew, my managers have always encouraged me to step out of my “comfort zone”, expand my education and obtain a professional designation. They see my potential and want to ensure that I continue to grow my professional career. With a family and a full-time job, returning to school was a big commitment, but one I am thankful to have pursued. Just like a family, they have encouraged and supported me through my personal and professional growth, which has now provided me with greater career and advancement opportunities. Crew consistently communicates the importance of continuing education. Their willingness to support each employee financially and emotionally in their educational journey is admirable.

“Crew treats their staff like family and offers the support and training required to be successful. Crew wants to see their people succeed.”

– Brandy Crooks, Operations Accounting Team Lead, 18 years with Crew

18 years

Operations Accounting Team Lead

Supporting employees

financially and emotionally in their educational journey