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Crew is committed to ensuring we are addressing the material ESG issues and opportunities identified through the materiality assessment and making progress on the ESG goals and commitments made within our disclosure. In addition, the whole organization is invested in finding sustainable solutions and initiatives to ensure company growth while also supporting our diverse group of stakeholders and the environment.

“We are always looking for better ways to do things”
–  Dale O. Shwed

Our Stories

Read through our stories to learn more about Crew’s ESG commitments in action.

Indigenous Engagement

Summer Ninja Mentorship Program

The Mullet Crew In Action

Brandy’s Journey of Growth

Induced Seismicity


Waste Heat Recovery

Travel Time Optimization

Fugitive Emissions Management Program

Flare Volume Reductions

Facilities Consolidation

Remote Monitoring

Gas Meters

Electric or Low-Bleed Pneumatic End Devices

Innovative Technologies and Optimized Completion and Development

Spoolable Temporary Surface Pipeline to Transfer Produced Water