Indigenous Engagement

Crew is dedicated to ongoing engagement within the communities it operates and respects Indigenous traditional lands, cultural and historical rights.

Crew’s engagement with various Indigenous communities is based on respect, honesty, open communication, and consistency. Developing and maintaining lasting relationships that are built on integrity and trust is of utmost importance.

See ‘Our Stories’ for some examples of our Indigenous Engagement

“Matteo feels a deep need to assist where we can while recognizing the importance of the First Nation culture in and around the areas we operate. Often, he advocates for these communities.”

Paul Dever, Vice President, Government and Stakeholder Relations, speaking about Crew’s Senior Surface Landman Matteo Villani

Indigenous, First Nations, and Métis Proactive Engagement

Crew’s engagement strategy begins with open, transparent, and regular communication directly with the Chief and Council and community land departments. Dialogue ranges from information sharing of Crew’s regulatory applications as well as current and future activity. Engagement also includes discussions on community initiatives and employment opportunities. Recognizing the traditional land use of the Indigenous communities is extremely vast, Crew will often pre-engage with multiple communities for one project prior to making regulatory applications.

Crew meets with Indigenous leaders and community land departments on a quarterly basis, at a minimum, to provide project updates.

“Our approach has always been to ensure continuous dialogue prior to applications and throughout applications”

Matteo Villani, Senior Surface Landman, 10.5 years with Crew

Proactive Engagement

Indigenous, First Nations, and Métis Partnerships

Mutual knowledge sharing of Crew operations and Indigenous cultural activities fosters lasting relationships and allows Crew to gain a stronger understanding of the cultural significance and values of each Indigenous community. Through conversations with the community land departments and the Chief and Council members, Crew obtains insight into community-based initiatives that may require support. Visit Our Stories to learn more.

Investing in Youth

Supporting Indigenous youth through education and health programs is extremely important to us.  Through our ongoing dialogue with local community members, we identified an opportunity to support school-aged children from K-12 by providing school supplies to approximately 100 students. Crew has coordinated the ordering, delivering, and distribution of supplies since 2019.

Supporting Indigenous youth sports through  ‘learn to golf’ and a ‘learn to ski and snowboard’ group, contributes to our future generation’s overall health and wellness.

Contractor Opportunities

Crew’s community relations department actively works with internal procurement departments and Indigenous and First Nations owned businesses or third party aligned partners for contractor opportunities. This has led to successful utilization of drilling rigs, camp services, logging activities, lease building, pipeline installation, water management services, first aid and safety services.

With a focus on restoration of the land, Crew has aligned with Indigenous communities to identify high priority areas with reclamation and abandonment activities.


Crew promotes field tours on an annual basis to facilitate relationship building with the community. Tours, which are comprised of Crew personnel, members of the community lands department, elders, and youth provide an opportunity to teach the community about our operations, processes, and sustainable policies.

Awareness Camp

Crew has attended and supports cultural events, including cultural days or cultural camps where Indigenous communities organize events to showcase their culture and heritage. Crew provides sponsorships and donated space to support in the hosting of these cultural events.