Our ESG Foundation

Crew is committed to respecting the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Promoting collaboration and innovation to create a sustainable and prosperous future, Crew’s Ingenuity, Teamwork, and a Commitment to Excellence comprise the foundation that supports our core values and principles.

Together, these are the values that empower us to continuously improve and strive to achieve our best.

At Crew, we have an ‘energy’ – in both the products that we produce and in our people – that has the power to create a better tomorrow.

“A conversation about ESG is a conversation about our values.”

– Karen A. Nielsen, Lead Independent Director

Our Values

At the heart of our Company is the word ‘crew’, a group of people working together to achieve a common goal.

Crew’s long-term sustainability is centered on enhancing our business to generate positive returns for stakeholders while respecting and honouring our core principles of ESG. Involving a diverse group, a nimble approach, and out-of-the-box thinking has enabled individuals across the entire Company to drive positive change that maximizes efficiencies and improves operations.

Often, our ESG initiatives lead to operational cost savings and drive profitability, demonstrating a direct and positive link between improved ESG performance and financial sustainability.

This way of thinking has helped Crew craft strategies, targets, and goals with a clear vision that fully aligns the whole team towards a common goal.


Our Entrepreneurial Drive & Ingenuity

Embracing innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box.


Our People, Our Crew and Our Relationships

Creating meaningful and authentic relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Ensuring the health, safety, well-being, and engagement of our people.


Ethical Governance

Adhering to the highest standard of excellence that drives shareholder value.

Our Strategic Approach

Our Entrepreneurial Drive & Ingenuity

Embracing innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box.

Crew’s team combines decades of proven oil and gas expertise with technological innovation, an agile approach, and unconventional thinking to maximize efficiency and improve operations.


An integral part of Crew’s operations is a strong safety culture. Nothing is more important than protecting our ‘crew’ and ensuring the safety of our employees, contractors, and communities.

Crew’s commitment to constant improvement includes a focus on training, emergency preparedness, open communication, and a consistent safety message reinforced by our leadership. Crew recognizes that the energy driving our production and success comes from our people.

For us, our name ‘Crew’ has a deeper meaning, it represents our people, our family. We aim to ensure that Crew is a fun and rewarding place to work, learn and grow. Diversity for Crew is obtaining ideas and perspectives from people, at all levels, and coming together to positively impact our industry, workplace, and the communities that we serve.

We embrace a supportive and inclusive environment that values diverse skills, backgrounds, cultures and thought.

Commitment to Excellence

When we set our mind to something, we achieve it.

Continuing with our sustainability journey that is focused on an ambitious ESG strategy, we aim to demonstrate the highest environmental and social stewardship standards.

This means always looking for ways to continuously improve, going against the grain of conventional thinking, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

At Crew, we have a culture that embraces the opportunities and challenges set before us to reduce our environmental footprint and proactively work together to mitigate climate change as we move towards a lower-carbon future.

Enhancing Our Business

Enhancing our business to generate positive returns for stakeholders while respecting and honouring our core principles of ESG.

Underpinning Crew’s long-term strategy is our unwavering commitment to safely and responsibly operating in the communities in which we operate, while focussing on our ESG initiatives.

We understand the importance of ESG oversight at the highest level and have established a new Corporate Governance, Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (“GEHS&S”) Committee, constituted with members of our Board of Directors, with oversight of our ongoing ESG and sustainability performance.

The Importance of Accurate Real-time Measurement to Drive Improvements

In 2019 Crew recognized gaps in how our environmental metrics were measured and tracked. Since that time, we have made significant strides to identify opportunities across our business to enhance measurement and reporting on material ESG metrics. Some initiatives that we have undertaken to achieve this include:

“What is measured can be improved”

– James Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Crew


Invested over $200,000 in measurement technology, including the installation of 52 additional gas meters and SCADA at our heavy oil operations to measure and forecast vented gas emissions proactively, accurately, and consistently.

An internally developed tracking system, along with external web-based software (Envirosoft) to enable more efficient and accurate tracking and forecasting of our greenhouse gas emissions profile.

Implemented the Digital Action Tracking System (DATS), an incident reporting tracking system, which is used to track all incidents and document root cause, preventative measures, and document remediation.

Utilizing Pointan online tracking system and water management dashboard, which was developed and is used daily to provide real-time tracking.

Accurately measuring and tracking our performance enables us to make informed decisions across our operations and future developments. This enhances our ESG performance and contributes to the sustainable growth of our business.