ESG Oversight

At Crew, we believe that our long-term success and sustainability are intrinsically tied to the careful consideration of people, the planet, and profitability.

From our Board members to each employee, we have fostered a culture that upholds and advances our ESG principles at every opportunity. As an organization with a flat structure that values an entrepreneurial spirit, we have an open-door policy to encourage our employees to share ideas, identify opportunities, and discuss areas of improvement to advance our ESG strategy and business while upholding our standards for excellence.

Board of Directors
  • Responsible for the overall governance and stewardship of Crew
  • Delegates ESG-related responsibilities to the GEHS&S Committee
GEHS&S Committee
  • Oversees policies, procedures, internal control systems, and strategies relating to sustainability, environment, health, safety and related governance matters
  • Provides regular updates on Crew’s ESG performance, pertinent regulations, and trends at each Board meeting
  • Responsible for Crew’s ESG performance by implementing and monitoring ESG and sustainable initiatives, plans, and strategies
  • Reports quarterly to the Corporate GEHS&S Committee
  • Responsible for the execution, tracking, and reporting of ESG initiatives
  • Reports weekly on ESG initative progress and challenges at management meetings
  • Our employee led ESG Steering Committee provides additional education and information about our Company’s ESG initiatives, targets, and opportunities throughout the year
Board of Directors

Crew’s ESG oversight starts at the Board level, with assigned ESG responsibilities to our GEHS&S Committee.

Our Board is responsible for the stewardship of Crew regarding vision, strategic planning, leadership, and corporate governance practices. The Board oversees the establishment and execution of Crew’s risk management framework, our longer-range strategic plan, and a shorter-range business plan, all of which are instrumental in achieving Crew’s principal objectives, guiding our operations, and helping to identify strategic ESG opportunities and potential risks inherent to our business activities.

GEHS&S Committee

Our GEHS&S Committee provides ongoing oversight of corporate policies, practices, and programs encompassing climate-related risks, environmental protection, health and safety performance, community engagement, and governance matters. The committee closely monitors emerging issues, trends, and regulations that may impact the company’s activities, plans, strategies, or reputation.

Quarterly, the Management Team reports to the committee regarding Crew’s ESG performance and goal and target progress. The topics covered are diverse, including pertinent policy and regulatory changes, the emission intensity of assets, employee retention, community volunteer initiatives, and meetings held with various stakeholders.

At each Board meeting, the GEHS&S Committee presents information on Crew’s ESG initiatives, performance, challenges, risks, and trends to ensure the Board remains well informed.


Our Management Team actively collaborates with our employees to drive the successful implementation of ESG and sustainable initiatives across our company. By closely monitoring the progress, achievements, and challenges of these initiatives, we continuously assess performance metrics in ESG areas relative to our corporate objectives, regulatory requirements, and industry benchmarks.

To support the integration of ESG at all levels of decision-making and promote responsible and sustainable practices that create long-term value for our stakeholders, our Management Team engages quarterly with the GEHS&S Committee, providing an update on a range of ESG topics and performance metrics and identifying areas for continuous improvement.


Our employees actively execute our ESG initiatives while diligently monitoring and reporting pertinent metrics and challenges to the Management Team on a weekly basis.

In 2020 we established an employee led ESG Steering Committee to provide valuable insights and expertise in driving our ESG strategy forward. Consisting of a diverse group of individuals from various departments, this committee meets bi-weekly to advise on the status and progress of our ESG targets, gather and analyze performance data, discuss policy and regulatory developments, and coordinate volunteering opportunities for the company. Through their collective efforts, we strive to improve our ESG performance, effectively manage risks, and seize opportunities aligning with our sustainability goals.

Crew’s Board Committees

Comprised entirely of independent directors, Crew’s four committees operate under a strict mandate which is reviewed and approved annually.

Compensation Linked to ESG Performance

To reinforce our commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, the compensation of Crew employees and management is in part tied to core financial and operational performance measures. These metrics encompass a broad range of criteria, including but not limited to governance, social responsibility, health and safety, and environmental performance.

By linking 15% of our short-term incentive compensation to these metrics, we incentivize our workforce to actively contribute to achieving our sustainability goals. This approach emphasizes our dedication to responsible business practices and encourages a focus on long-term value creation and sustainable growth.