Protecting Our Crew

We make every effort to constantly improve our health and safety program and promote a high-performing safety culture.

Crew’s health and safety policies are founded on the fundamental principle that people come first. At Crew, we are proud of our safety record and commitment to prioritizing a safe working environment for our employees and contractors.

Safety Highlights

0 Fatalities

Since inception in 2003

4 Years

With 0 recordable employee injuries

1000+ Days

With no lost-time injuries for employees or contractors

45% Decline

In Crew’s TRIF* since 2013

Only 2

Recordable injuries across employee and contractor workforce in 2020

Our Safety Performance

Workforce TRIF*

Total Recordable Injury Frequency or “TRIF” is an important safety statistic as it measures the number of recordable injuries as a percentage of the workforce per 200,000 hours worked.

Crew TRIF*

Peer Avg.



















“Safety is paramount, and our workers are Crew’s number 1 asset. Crew’s safety culture is one in the making, it just didn’t happen overnight.  It has taken years to get to where we are. We stay committed and are proud of our safety results.”

– Calvin Dempsey, EHS Advisor, with Crew for 2 years

“It takes a team to ensure a safety culture is present in the workplace, and the commitment from our team is strong. Having the general presence of managers and supervisors in the field conducting inspections, observing, and communicating with workers shows dedication to our contractors and employees. We care and are committed to a safe workplace.”

– Kim Wallington, Field H&S Coordinator, with Crew for 10 years

Health and Safety

A safety culture is not built overnight; it takes dedication and commitment from the entire organization. At Crew, we have created a safety culture based on the following nine elements:

1) Environmental Health and Safety Plans and Policies

Crew’s comprehensive Environmental, Health, & Safety (“EHS”) Management System protects our employees, contractors, the public, and the environment by focusing on nine key components. Each component further details the policies, procedures, and expectations required for all levels of Crew employees and contractors.

  • Management Roles & Responsibilities
  • Codes of Practice, Policies, and Safe Work Procedures
  • Orientations and Training
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Emergency Response
  • Inspections and Preventative Maintenance
  • Contractor Management
  • Communication
  • Hazard Assessment and Control

2) Emergency Preparedness and Response

Crew has developed a robust Emergency Response Plan (“ERP”), based on the Incident Command System (“ICS”). This plan is designed to provide an immediate and effective response to incidents, regardless of size or complexity.

Following are some examples of third party exercises and ongoing training that Crew undertakes to ensure awareness and effectiveness of our ERP.

  • Annual tabletop ERP exercises in each province where we operate
  • Third party facilitated major ERP exercise every three years in each province where we operate: Regulatory bodies are notified of the scheduled exercise and invited to participate
  • Ongoing formal ERP training for Crew representatives: In 2020, Crew ERP representatives attended the ICS I-100 training, and in 2021, four representatives attended the ICS I-200 training, an additional level of response training

3) Training

Our people are our number one asset. Ensuring our people’s safety, success, and growth through training is our main priority.  Fostering a culture focused on continuous development and learning, Crew has developed specific training requirements for consultants, contractors, corporate, and field staff.  Crew has a comprehensive competency program for field staff, ensuring workers have adequate training and knowledge to perform their job tasks safely.

4) Contractor Management

Contractors perform a vital role in Crew’s operations. Building strong relationships with our contractors is critical to the health and safety of the organization and in ensuring Crew is a safe place to work. Crew aims to hire local contractors wherever possible to help foster community growth and local opportunities.

Contractor Management Program – Aligns with Crew’s EHS Management System. The program ensures each Contractor meets Crew’s pre-qualification requirements, is registered with ComplyWorks, a third-party safety data management firm, and completes Crew’s EHS orientation.

Contractor Auditing Program – Builds consistency and evaluates safety programs to ensure compliance. Through this program, Crew actively supports contractors by providing constructive feedback that enables them to continuously improve their health and safety program. Investigating and reviewing high-risk incidents and near misses with Crew’s contractors additionally strengthens our safety culture and helps prevent future occurrences. In 2020, Crew began evaluating Contractor’s TRIF to determine and minimize any additional risks.

100 Audits

Since 2016, Crew has conducted close to 100 contractor audits.

5) Communications

Our safety culture is led by active engagement and formal and informal communication throughout the year.

  • Monthly field safety meetings are held at each field site.
  • Quarterly EH&S meetings are held with key leaders.
  • Quarterly the Chief Operating Officer (“COO”) communicates EH&S performance directly to Crew’s Board of Directors.
  • Twice annually, Crew holds safety meetings with key contractors and supervisors to discuss safety improvement themes, including a general discussion on the path forward.
  • The COO attends pre-spud reviews and pre-project reviews to demonstrate our commitment to safety and its importance throughout the Company.
  • President and CEO led company-wide town hall meetings, reinforcing the priority of EH&S in our business.

As a result of COVID-19 and the public health guidelines, Crew’s ability to gather for large scale safety meetings were impacted. Virtual safety sessions were implemented to facilitate conversations and communicate our vision, goals, and strategies.

6) Proactive Monitoring and Reporting

Strong safety culture is built on a company-wide effort to identify, report, and monitor hazards, near misses, and positive observations.  If a hazard is identified by a Crew employee or contractor, causing an unsafe work environment, work immediately ceases, and the hazard is investigated.

By reporting hazards, Crew can identify trends and root causes early with the goal of preventing significant incidents from occurring later.  Our contractor workforce is critical to identifying these risks, as many come with a perspective from different worksites and companies across various operating areas.

Proactive reporting is a strong indicator of an engaged workforce. Crew has seen a reduction in incidents while proactive reporting continues to increase.

Crew reviews this reporting monthly at a management level and quarterly at the Board of Director’s level.

Outcomes of proactive reporting:

  • 1,197 hazard identifications in 2020
  • 243 positive observations*
  • 5 near misses
  • Zero lost time injuries

*Positive Observation identifies actions of individuals promoting a safe work environment.

7) Executive Oversight and Management of Health and Safety

Safety performance begins with a demonstrated commitment from the management team and Board of Directors. Crew’s unwavering commitment to promoting a strong safety culture is emphasized by management presence at the worksite.  The goal is to ensure processes are working as designed and to support our workforce, understand key issues, and help identify drivers for safety improvements.

Management presence on-site reinforces that safety is of the utmost importance to the Company and that worker safety is critical to Crew’s success. We pride ourselves on management team presence at the worksite.

In 2020, Crew’s management conducted 72 site or field visits.

8) Health and Wellness

Promoting Health and Wellness

Crew is committed to its employees’ long-term health and well-being and offers an extensive health and wellness benefit program, a health spending account, and a registered retirement savings contribution matching plan.

We treat our employees as family and aim to ensure Crew is a fun and rewarding place to work, learn and grow.

Understanding the importance of family time, we support a flexible work-life balance. This includes providing flex days between Christmas and New Years, and Fridays prior to statutory holiday weekends in the summer.

9) Health and Safety Committee

Based on the locations of our operations, Crew has two Health and Safety committee’s consisting of a diverse group of employees and management dedicated to identifying, investigating, and improving health and safety concerns throughout the organization.  The Calgary Health and Safety Committee meets monthly, while our newer BC Health and Safety Committee meets quarterly.

Health and Safety Committee Objectives:

  • Responding to health and safety concerns of workers
  • Developing health and safety policies and safe work procedures
  • Developing and promoting education and training programs
  • Participating in work site inspections and investigations
  • Reviewing incidents, near miss incidents and hazard identifications, and recommending additional preventative measures
  • Identifying EHS regulatory changes and actions to address

Additionally, a COVID-19 Committee was created to address the various federal and provincial government restrictions and to develop safe working procedures for Crew’s Calgary offices and operations in the field.

Crew's COVID-19 Response

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Crew acted quickly and diligently to implement response plans to protect the health and well-being of all stakeholders.

Established work from home protocols in mid-March 2020, which included training designed to ensure effective home working environments and the roll out of new technologies and programs to facilitate remote working across the organization.

Immediately developed protocols for all contractors to ensure compliance with public health guidelines and to protect our worksites.

Implemented strict social distancing protocols throughout all field operations to help protect remote staff and contractors. In preparation, Crew implemented dedicated isolation protocol and accommodations for potentially exposed personnel at remote sites.

Government updates provided to staff, to ensure the Crew team had current and credible information.

Crew developed an Exposure Control Plan for COVID-19 that covers detailed information for Crew representatives and contractors including:

  • Worker Screening
  • Adequate Facility Supplies
  • Face Mask Compliance
  • Camp Preparations and Hygiene