About Our Crew

For us, the name ‘Crew’ has a deeper meaning, it represents our people, our family

We believe an engaged, motivated, and empowered workforce enables our Company to aim higher and reach new heights of success. A fundamental part of our foundation is ensuring we attract, retain, and foster the growth of people who have talent and drive while ensuring we provide a work environment based on integrity, respect, and performance.


of employees have been with Crew for 5+ years


of employees have been with Crew for 10+ years


voluntary turnover in the last 4 years


of Crew’s team* are employees; 37% are contractors

* Crew’s team includes longer term contract employees such as operators

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Diversity for Crew is obtaining ideas and perspectives from various people, levels, and disciplines and coming together to positively impact our industry, workplace, and communities that we serve.

We value diversity of skills, backgrounds, cultures and, thought while also striving to create an inclusive organization where individuals are encouraged to take charge and make a meaningful contribution.

Crew’s workforce is comprised of 36% women. Through its actions at the Board of Directors level, with women representing 40% of independent directors  on the Board, Crew demonstrates its commitment to gender diversity and inclusion.

of Crew’s employees are women
of independent board members are women, as at May 2021
of employees are women in supervisory and professional roles
of senior leadership are women
Crew continues to look for ways in which we can enhance the diversity and overall skill set of our workforce.

Crew Engagement

Crew believes communication is the key to promoting strong employee engagement within the organization. Communicating successes, challenges, and a future vision with the team encourages everyone to work towards a common goal and be proud of their team efforts.

Transparent communications and information sharing through our intranet

Regular townhalls

Open door policy that removes barriers and facilitates idea-sharing with key decision-makers

Social Committee, the Mullet Crew, with a mandate to initiate fun, teambuilding events (see ‘our stories‘)

Ongoing performance evaluation

With a flat organizational structure and a relatively small team, Crew’s employees are afforded rapid and regular access to all levels of management.

Crew Empowerment

We believe an engaged, motivated, and empowered workforce promotes a can-do work environment that fosters innovation and accountability. Involving a diverse group, a nimble approach, and out-of-the-box thinking has enabled individuals across the Company to drive positive change that maximizes efficiencies and improves operations.

This way of thinking has helped Crew craft strategies, targets, and goals with a clear vision that fully aligns the whole organization in moving towards a more sustainable future. This alignment is further underscored by Crew’s short-term incentive program that is tied to its ESG performance. This incentive further spotlights Crew’s sustainability goals and promotes “out of the box” thinking for sustainable projects and solutions that Crew employs.

Management encourages employee growth through varying education opportunities. Crew provides financial reimbursement for any applicable courses, once completed, yet places no long-term commitment requirements on the employee.