Abandonment and Reclamation

Crew is dedicated to removing environmental footprints created by our operations and restoring abandoned sites to their natural habitats. 

As an oil and gas company we have an obligation to manage our assets through their entire lifecycles, which includes decommissioning, abandonment, and remediation.

Crew Abandonment & Reclamation Spending ($millions)

$1.97 Million

Invested in abandonment & reclamation charges for wells and facilities in 2020.

$7 Million

Since 2017, Crew has invested over $7 million in A&R.
Successful Abandonments of Crew’s Operated Wells
Active Assessments and Ongoing Reclamations

Abandonment and Reclamation Management and Conservation Strategies

Investing in A&R

In 2020 Crew invested $1,971,661 in total abandonment and reclamation to address dormant sites and move forward with the reclamation process. As part of the federal government’s COVID-19 recovery program, and administered as part of a reclamation program with the Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan governments, Crew received $1,140,816 in funding to assist with the closure of dormant sites. In 2020 Crew contributed $193,502 to provincial Orphan Well Funds, which are tasked with remediating sites left orphaned by defunct oil and gas companies in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan. Although Crew does not own these sites, we believe the energy industry must work together to remediate thousands of sites in various stages of decommissioning and reclamation.

Environmental Assessments

Crew completes pre-construction environmental sampling, surveys, and tests to assess site-specific wildlife, soil, water, and cultural archaeology.  The process of gathering and reporting this information substantially assists with abandonment and reclamation operations.

Regulatory and Compliance

On an annual basis, Crew’s inactive facility and well sites are inspected to ensure compliance of wellsite conditions, vegetation management, wellhead and lease security requirements.  Crew takes pride in its strong regulatory compliance record, and we continue to uphold compliance as a focus area.  In 2020, 50 inactive facilities and wells, as well as five suspended wells, were inspected. Through 2020, Crew’s regulatory compliance remained on par with 2019 as we achieved a 95% compliance rating, with 220 regulatory inspections across the three provinces in which we operate.

95% Compliance

Crew takes pride in its strong regulatory compliance record, and we continue to uphold compliance as a focus area.

A service rig at one of Crew’s heavy oil operations sites performing abandonment work.  Additional pads in the area have been stripped of their equipment.