Goals & Targets

2020 was a bright year for ESG at Crew, and the path forward is looking even brighter.

Our Commitment to Excellence means having a laser focus on continuous improvement. As we embark on our sustainability journey we have identified the following commitments, goals and targets that will enable Crew to make an even greater impact on the environment, people, and the communities in which Crew operates.

Environmental Goals and Targets

Protecting the environment is a principle we firmly stand behind. At Crew, we embrace innovative industry-leading technologies to reduce our environmental footprint while remaining focused on generating value for shareholders.

GHG Emissions


Continuously improve GHG emissions intensity.

Improve Crew’s total methane emissions through investing in innovative reduction opportunities.

Reduce our Scope 1 GHG emissions intensity by 20%, relative to the Company’s baseline in 2019, by 2025



Minimize freshwater use where possible.

Ensure less than 50% freshwater use for hydraulic fracturing operations in West Septimus 2021 – 2025.

Reduce freshwater use in North Septimus and Groundbirch operations as development matures.

Land & Biodiversity


Learning from asset integrity events.

Complete a root-cause assessment for any spill of significance and implement corrective actions.

Continue to review asset integrity management plans and performance annually to improve effectiveness and minimize potential future problems.

Integrity verification of pipeline management plans.

Undertake at least one inline pipeline inspection each year.

Abandonment and Reclamation


Achieve a reduction in idle well count.

 Reduce by 20% in 2022 from 2020 levels

Continue to invest in A&R activities (inclusive of government grants).

Gross investment of $20 million by 2030

Social Goals and Targets

Crew recognizes that the energy driving our production and success comes from our people. Our people, and their safety is Crew’s highest priority.

Protecting our Crew


Improve the safety of our operations.

Outperform peer average total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) on a 3-year rolling average basis.

Commit to 95% compliance with key field training requirements annually.

Continue to build strong and trustworthy relationships with our contractors through Crew’s contractor EHS auditing program.

Perform 20 contractor EHS audits each year.

Increase the presence of Crew’s executive and management teams during field inspections.

75-100 field visits per year

Our Crew


Engage the Crew team through honest and open communication.

Townhalls two times annually

Treat our employees as family and focus on ensuring Crew is a fun and rewarding place to work, learn, and grow.

3 Mullet Crew social events per year

Empower the youth of the future through Crew’s summer student Ninja program.

20 summer students from 2021-2025

Community Partnerships & Giving


Provide donations and employment opportunities to support the local communities in which we operate.

Encourage employees to engage with our Crew Cares program and volunteer within the community.

120 volunteering hours annually (beginning in 2022).

Indigenous, First Nations, and Metis Partnerships


On-going active engagement with First Nations communities.

Hold semiannual meetings with various Chief and Councils in the areas we operate.

Quarterly meetings with community Lands departments in the areas we operate.

Continuous discussion with various First Nation communities to create synergies and innovative ideas.

Governance Goals and Targets

Crew believes strong corporate governance, transparency, and integrity set the foundation for ethical and effective decisions while contributing to the alignment between our Board of Directors (“Board”), management, and stakeholders.

Policies and Mandates


Crew will require an acknowledgement of our code of business ethics by all employees annually.

Board Diversity


Maintain Board diversity.