Abandonment & Restoration

Our commitment to mitigating the environmental impact of our operations and rehabilitating abandoned sites to their natural states is an important step in our pursuit of responsible environmental stewardship.

As an oil and gas company, we have an obligation to manage our assets from inception to retirement, including decommissioning, abandonment, and remediation.

See Crew’s Goals and Targets Associated with Abandonment and Restoration 

$13.1 Million

invested in A&R for wells and facilities in 2022, inclusive of government funding

$23.0 Million

invested since 2017 in A&R activities, excluding government funding

33 Wells

abandoned in 2022

21 Sites

with reclamation activities underway in 2022

85% Decrease

in non-producing wells since 2020

36 Hectares

of land restored in 2022

Crew Wilder 11-36
“We aim to minimize Crew’s operational footprint through a robust abandonment and reclamation program, which was the largest in our history in 2022, and ensures assets are retired responsibly with the land reclaimed to a state that is equal to, or better than, how we found it.”

– Dale O. Shwed, President and CEO

Crew Abandonment & Reclamation Spending ($millions)
(on operated assets)
Successful Abandonments of Crew’s Operated Wells

As a result of Crew’s divestment in heavy oil assets in August 2021, the Company experienced a significant reduction in non-producing wells. Since 2020, we have decreased our non-producing wells by 85% while concurrently achieving a remarkable 47% increase in production over the same period.

Abandonment and Reclamation Management and Conservation Strategies

Investing in A&R

In 2022, Crew demonstrated our commitment to environmental responsibility by investing $12,328,699 in A&R activities, to address our dormant site program and progress our reclamation activities in specific areas. We value our responsibility as stewards of the land and understand the significance of collaborating with the energy industry to remediate sites left in various stages of decommissioning and reclamation. As such, Crew contributed $181,648 to the Orphan Well Fund for 2022, supporting the remediation of sites left orphaned by defunct oil and gas companies in British Columbia.

As we continue to make significant progress in abandonment, remediation, and reclamation activities, we anticipate applying to the BCER for multiple Certificates of Restoration in 2023.

Crew Wilder A06-05

Asset Retirement & Liability Management

In 2021, our asset retirement obligations decreased significantly following our heavy oil asset disposition, yet we remain committed to investing in abandonment and reclamation activities to manage our financial liabilities effectively.

Crew continues to support the BCER’s Comprehensive Liability Management Plan and the Permittee Capability Assessment (PCA) program. These programs place emphasis on expediting the restoration of inactive sites to their pre-activity condition. As a result, we consistently make substantial progress in exceeding the mandated timelines for addressing dormant site liabilities.  Crew’s continued diligence in managing our dormant sites, while improving our balance sheet through the execution of our Two-Year Plan, has placed us in the lowest risk category under the PCA program.

Producing & Non-Producing Well Count

Environmental Assessments

Crew completes pre-construction environmental sampling, surveys, and tests to assess site-specific wildlife, soil, water, and cultural archaeology.  The process of gathering and reporting this information substantially assists with abandonment and reclamation operations.

Crew Monias 13-18 – Stage 2 – Initial Soil Investigation

Regulatory and Compliance

Crew conducts annual inspections of our inactive facilities and well sites to ensure compliance with regulations governing wellhead and site conditions, vegetation management, and lease security requirements. We take great pride in our strong regulatory compliance record and continue to exceed industry standards.

With 60 inspections throughout 2022, Crew received an 88% compliance rating, surpassing the industry average rating of 83%.

88% Compliance

Crew takes pride in its strong regulatory compliance record, and we continue to uphold compliance as a focus area.