Protecting the environment is a principle we firmly stand behind.

At Crew, we embrace innovative industry-leading technologies to minimize our environmental footprint while remaining focused on generating value for shareholders.

We are committed to operating responsibly and safely and will continue to focus on developing emission reduction strategies, reducing freshwater use, minimizing spills and land disturbances, and conducting ongoing monitoring and proactive asset integrity management.


23% Reduction

In emission intensity

Crew’s operations have realized a 23% reduction in emission intensity since 2019.

70% Reduction

in gas plant flaring intensity

Decreased plant inlet flaring intensity from 0.21% in 2015 to 0.06% in 2021, representing a reduction of 70%.

98% Repaired

Fugitive emissions leaks

In 2021 we successfully repaired 98% of fugitive emission leaks found through Crew’s Fugitive Emissions Management Program. A total of 3,704 tCO2e of annualized GHG emissions were prevented as a direct result of repairs completed in the second year of this program.

97% Reduction

In total volume of reported spills from 2017

71 Wells

Underwent Abandonment and Reclamation process

Crew participated in the provincial dormant well programs and initiated active assessment and reclamation activities on 71 wells in 2021.

$4.78 Million

Invested in Abandonment & Reclamation in 2021, inclusive of government funding

Crew’s continuous improvement on our environmental standards is well demonstrated through our operational performance:

Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”)
Emissions Performance
70% reduction

in gas plant flaring intensity, since 2015

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Crew has decreased plant inlet flaring intensity from 0.21% in 2015 to 0.06% in 2021, representing a reduction of 70%. In September 2021, Crew installed a waste heat recovery unit** at our West Septimus gas plant that reduced our GHG emissions at the gas plant by 2,239 tCO2e over the remaining four months of 2021.

Water Management Performance
<0.011 m3/boe

Crew’s 5 year average for freshwater intensity is less than 0.011m3/boe

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Crew is the first Canadian energy producer to receive regulatory approval from the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission (“OGC”) for the installation and operation of a next-generation, temporary spoolable surface pipeline for produced water transfer.

  • Crew has moved approximately 535,000m3 of produced water via the spoolable surface pipeline, significantly reducing truck traffic, emissions, road maintenance, land disturbance, and capital and operational costs.
  • Benefits: 35,662 heavy haul truck trips have been eliminated, 1,090 tCO2e emissions saved, and ~212,000km of road travel eliminated.
Regulatory Compliance
94% compliance

Crew takes pride in its strong regulatory compliance record, and we continue to uphold compliance as a focus area.

Through 2021, Crew’s regulatory compliance remained on par with 2020 as we achieved a 94% compliance rating, with 204 regulatory inspections completed.

Compliance Rate with Regulatory Inspections

** Crew gratefully acknowledges assistance from the Province of British Columbia’s CleanBC Industry Fund for their support of this project.